CitiusKBE Tool Kit

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CitiusKBE toolkit solutions are plug-in for CAD/CAM software tools like Unigraphics NX to help the customer in accelerated Product Development. Our understanding of various manufacturing processes helps in creating Products that are designed for Manufacture, thereby minimizing the Product Development Costs and making it an attractive proposition.

Over 25 years of synergized industrial experience, coupled with software coding experience has helped us to develop these unique tools that could address the key pain areas of the organizations and provide delight. We usually start small and grow as our mantra, our story has been revolving around the industry and CAD Software from the beginning.

With experience from grassroots designer to top of the organisation, our approach has always been frugal and innovative to support the industry with best in class tailor-made for the various industries. We strive to work with Individuals, Managers, Bu Heads, Organisations and understand their needs and support with our solutions. Not limited to the products that we have, we can support Further Knowledge-based Engineering and Productivity aimed projects.


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