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Prefab house details:

Material: Steel, Eco-friendly and recycle materials.The materials are excellent in fire proofing, water proofing, corrosion-resistant, sound-insulating, heat proofing and maintaining.Excellent in the feature of typhoon and earthquake. The typhoon proofing grade is 8 grade, and the earthquake proofing grade is 7 grade.

Usage: Villa, Hotel, Shop,Guard house, Booth.

Advantage:it can greatly reduce construction waste and construction sewage, reduce construction noise, reduce the emission of harmful gas and dust, and reduce on-site construction and management personnel. Generally, it can save 20% of materials and about 60% of water. It is anti-corrosion and earthquake resistance.

Structure: galvanized light gauge steel keel
Thermal Insulation: XPS board/rock wool (no sandwich panel)
Acoustic Insulation: rock wool/double glass window

Saving energy: solar energy; gray water reuse.

Design:ODM,OEM or customized

Installation: site direction

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